It’s easy to just say, “Here you go, here are your nine steps to inner peace, now go and have some inner peace!”

Hullo! Not so simple!

All too often we give people a pathway (including ourselves) and yet we forget that there are stubborn, ingrained old habits some of which have been there for a long, long time! So people are not going to do something just because you have given them the steps to do it!

People don’t do things because you tell them to. People need a reason and that reason needs to be personal for them. They want to know what’s in it for them. What are they going to get out of this if they change and actually put these steps into practice? And whatever that reason is, it needs to be something exceptional, life changing and so damn good that they are moved to action.

So how do we move people to action?

If we want to be a part of changing the world, how do we move people to action to change the world with us? If we want to help people live better lives how do we do this?

I do believe that we can create our own reality, that a positive mind breeds a positive life but if we have been living our lives the same old way everyday for the past 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years then somebody telling us what to do is not going to motivate us to change immediately.

We change ourselves.

Change is a journey and for most of us this means a lifetime.

When we can be an example to others and live what we are wanting to instill in others then that is success right there!

And how do we change ourselves?

Change is a lifetime commitment and everybody is different and needs to find their own way. Enabling change means finding those reasons that move us to action everyday, those reasons that motivate us and urge us on when things get tough. We should focus on the things that we are passionate about, the first thoughts we wake up to in the morning that really excite us. If you are not sure what you are passionate about then find out what excites you!

Change is not easy but definitely possible! It requires commitment, discipline and the forming of new habits. And small manageable steps is the key. If I try to take steps bigger than me then I set myself up for failure and I give up and sometimes it takes me a while to get back on my feet again. So small manageable steps…

Persist to stay on the path and realise that you WILL make mistakes but get up and carry on!

Read positive books and words everyday and surround yourself with positive people!

And one more thing…

Be kind to yourself 🙂

PS – Go and check out “9 steps to inner peace” – part one.


I was in the library yesterday doing some “soul” searching and I came across this book “Mandala Symbolism” by Carl Jung. It immediately jumped out at me.

Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘centre’ or ‘circle’. I have always had a fascination with mandalas and find the mandala form very soothing and healing.

While at the library, I also got a book out by Barry Weinfold. It’s a book about dysfunction within families and how we carry this dysfunction with us through our lives until we heal that part of us that needs to be healed.

I had read a lot about this from the age of 19 when I started to do some inquiry into myself so it was a good reminder and encouraged me to stay on my path to healing. What fascinated me about the fact that I had also picked up this book (and I didn’t realise until I had got home), was that Barry talks about the “individuation process” as does Carl Jung in “Mandala Symbolism”.

a process of becoming aware of oneself, of one’s make-up, and the way to discover one’s true, inner self

So where is this all leading to?

I have been painting rocks (as part of my process to heal myself) for ten years and I have finally found a piece of the puzzle that I have always known existed but had no way to explain it or describe it. When people ask how I paint my rocks all I can say is, “the designs just come out”. And they do.  Most of the designs begin at a central point and move out from this point. When I paint, I automatically want to paint circles and spirals. The “koru” is seen often in the symbolism of my own Maori people as well as many cultures around the world.



And just as I have always known, in each of my creations of which there are hundreds in every corner of the world, there is a part of me and my story to find out who I am. My journey, my process, my healing, whatever you want to call it – contained in every rock that I have ever painted. I love that thought, but what excites me more is the joy that I can give to people through this healing art form. And I now know why children in particular are so drawn to these forms and just have to reach out and touch to see what is there within the circle…

So today I am inspired to paint more and send my rocks to all corners of the earth so that I can continue to share my healing with others…

Namaste’ 🙂

I was about to delete my blog this morning as trying to maintain four blogs is a bit much. But this blog is probably one I should keep!

I know there are people all over the world blogging today about Barack Obama and his inauguration speech and I just want to say, “yay!” – it has been a long time coming! There is hope for America and the rest of the world.

I came across this blog post today which was written by Deepak Chopra Nine Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year This prompted me to write down what my “Nine Steps to INNER peace” are for this year.

Nine Steps to Inner Peace

Do what you love for a living – I have been self-employed for nearly four years and having come this far, I would never go back to working for anyone else. I decide when I get up in the morning (yes!) and I am in control. And because I am living my passions, it is not a chore! I get to help people in a way that I would not have thought possible…try it!

Balance work and play – I have learnt that too much work is not good and too much play is not bad, but no work gets done if I play all day! I have experienced both extremes and I now know the importance of having both in my life. It’s imperative!

Feed your spirit and be inspired to action – I like to be inspired by reading a good book, being out in nature taking photos or just observing the wonder of nature. It INSPIRES me to action, it gives me that boost that I need and it adds some magic to my day. I also read something inspirational and positive before I go to sleep and I wake up to something inspirational. It works a treat for setting the tone for the day.

Be Present – This is easier said than done! But the more aware and in the moment I am, the fuller my experiences will be! I guarantee it. When I attended my first Vipassana meditation course 10 years ago, I was amazed when I finished at how vibrant and alive everything around me was! Things were so colourful and real. They always were but my awareness was heightened because I was in the moment. Life is always like this, we just have to tune in to the moment and see what is happening around us. And there are always messages waiting to be seen or heard or felt!

Feed you body – It’s important that I give good food to my body that sustains me and enables me to go about my daily life. It can be challenging forming new habits and eating habits can be most challenging, but the more aware we are and the more in tune with our bodies we are, the easier it becomes. And ultimately, the food that we put into our bodies is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. So if we feel good about ourselves then we feed our bodies good food! So feel good about yourself!

Exercise! – Exercise does wonders! It doesn’t mean you have to run marathons every day or lift heavy weights. A half hour walk is great to get the blood circulating at the start of the day! I love getting out in the garden and I find that this feeds my body and my soul. Check out my magic garden blog here: my magic garden

Appreciate – everyone and everything! Gratitude goes a long way and what you put out there will ultimately come back to you. When we appreciate and give thanks for what we have, we are ultimately inviting more into our lives.

Create – I am an artist and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t create. We were ALL given the ability to create and I do believe that through our creativity we are able to bring about change in the world. Check out my sustainable art blog and follow my journey to create sustainable art!

Aroha – Love – and finally, the most important of all, is have love for oneself by healing the past so that ultimately you can share this love with others.

Peace 🙂

It’s raining today and I’m really appreciating the nurturing that the whenua (land) is receiving right now.

It reminds me of my tupuna (ancestors) who nurtured the land and lived in harmony with the land…only to have it stripped out from right underneath them…


“Parihaka is a small Taranaki settlement, located seven kilometres inland from ‘Te Moana Tāpokopoko a Tawhaki’ the Tasman Sea, midway from Mt Taranaki. Sitting quietly in a landscape of volcanic lahar, this unassuming village is a site of immense historical and cultural importance. The events that took place in and around Parihaka particularly from about 1860 to 1900 have affected the political, cultural and spiritual dynamics of the entire country.”

This was quoted directly from the Parihaka website and you can read more about the history of Parihaka here.

Parihaka Peace Festival

The theme for the 2009 Peace Festival is: Peace, Justice and Eco-responsibility.

“Parihaka still dreams and works toward fulfilment of the visions and insights of its spiritual and political leaders Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi. Today the Parihaka International Peace Festival is the people’s way of both honouring the teachings of their 19th century leaders and moving Parihaka forward.

Taking its place back in the world of nonviolent resistance, the Parihaka International Peace Festival is the culmination of a series of development projects aimed at restoring Parihaka.”

You can see the latest news from the Festival here.

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I remember going to church when I was younger and part of the service involved saying, “peace be with you” to those people near you. It was something that you did. It didn’t really mean much to me then, they were just words. But today, those words are more important than ever.

I am not religious but I do believe that everybody has a wairua – a spirit and that each of us has a part in the greater scheme of things. If we all took responsiblity for healing our past, for finding out who we are – our life’s purpose, then the world would be a better place. One person CAN make a difference.

I woke up this morning with the realisation that 2009 in the pakeha new year had just begun. I opened a page in “The Secret” to begin my day and read about creating our own health and wellbeing and how whatever we focus on, good or bad, we can bring about. There were words of inspiration about people who had brought themselves back to wellness just by focusing on being well and healthy. And laughter is a perfect medicine.

I then read about the many things out there in the world – anti-war campaigns that were focusing on war, anti this campaigns, anti that campaigns and I thought to myself, if we want peace in our world then lets focus on peace! Simple!

So this blog will be dedicated to my journey to create peace and will begin with me to find peace within myself….

oh and, PEACE be with you..